About Me

As a film editor, I’m often asked, “What do you like to edit?”  Like Marlon Brando, my answer is, “Whaddaya got?” Whether it’s drama, documentary, corporate or music videos, editing is storytelling, and I’m here to help you tell your story.

After doing a Graduate Certificate in Editing Drama at AFTRS in 2013, I made the shift to Avid Media Composer from Final Cut Pro 7.  (I still have my FCP set-up, which works just fine.) I have also edited on 16mm and camera-to-camera. As well as short films,  documentaries, corporates and music videos, I have edited a low-budget feature film, ‘The Unjudged’, which you can check out online.

I can do a reasonable sound mix, basic compositing and motion tracking (I’m particularly good at crappy special FX) and very basic grading.  I will give these things a go, but if they are particularly important for your project, I recommend you find a specialist.  Oh, I talk to my computer. Quite a lot, I’m afraid.

I also have another life as a captioner and the audio description manager at The SubStation, a job that leaves the first half of my day free for editing. If you want to know more about audio description, ask me or check out my blog.

Born at a very young age, in Mareeba, Far North Queensland, I am based in Sydney, Australia. I grew up in Cairns and Mackay, and went to uni in Brisbane.

I am also a recovering English-language teacher who has taught in Japan, Thailand and volunteered at the Villawood Detention Centre. I have a second home on a Phetburi prawn farm with my ‘adopted’ Thai family who understand my conversational Thai, despite my bad accent.  With just a little arm-twisting I can be persuaded to write your name in Thai.